About Us

About Us

What we are asking you to do.

We ask that schools, civic and religious organisations and private individuals register with us using our registration link to plant native Irish trees on our shared Island in both Northern Ireland and in the Republic of Ireland. 

What we can do for you.

Once you are registered with us, we will add you to our growing community by placing your planting pledge to our project map as a RED TREE. The map is located on our projects page on this website. 

Our website contains practical information on how to plant trees. 

Our group has limited access to funding. While we can offer funding for some projects, decisions are made on a case by case basis. We cannot generally offer to pay for the funding of projects and so we do ask that you register with a view to funding your own project where possible. To make enquiries on this we encourage you to email us at info@bugsbeesandnativetrees.com

We are happy to include plantings of Native, Broadleaf woodland Species that have been been funded as a result of government grants, but only where plantings have occurred with the full intention that the trees will be allowed to grow to maturity on-site to form native woodland.

Tree Planting Weekend 12-14th November 2021!

We have now embarked on our All Island campaign to work with  primary and secondary schools to plant ten native or common Irish trees or saplings scheduled for the weekend of the 12th – 14th of November 2021. The intention is that native and common Irish trees will encourage other flora and fauna, pollinating insects (bugs and bees) and other wildlife to thrive in the same locality as these native or common Irish trees.

Our website – https://bugsbeesandnativetrees.com will give details of all native Irish trees, and trees which have been here for a long time, and would be suitable for planting. It will also show you how to plant a copse of Irish shrubs and trees in a small space, how to plant bare-root and root-balled trees, how to stake, maintain etc, and what to add to increase biodiversity. We aim, with the support of all schools to plant 50,000 trees throughout the Island in a day.

We plan a future conference on issues relating to policies on environmentalism and  climate change. 

Our Directors are:

Dr. David Mulcahy, Jerry Sheehan, Prof. Rose Anne Kenny, Brian MacMahon, Prof. Ronan Mullan

Our Senior Committee is:

Emer Ní Neachtain

Our Junior Committee is:

Danny Gray, Liam Gray, Holly Micklem, Pearse Traynor, Rowan Walsh, Emma Mulcahy, Sean Phelan.