How to Plant

10 Steps to Planting a Tree


1. Find a space.

Pick a suitable place to plant the trees 5-7 square metres.


2. Dig your hole.

Dig a hole by cutting out and lifting the grass sod onto a plastic sheeting. Then dig deep enough to fit the tree-roots. A “potted” tree needs to be slightly deeper than the height of the pot. Put the dug-up soil onto the plastic sheeting.

3. Put a stake in the hole.

Use the sledgehammer to drive a stake into the hole. Put the stake at the side of the hole which is between the tree and the main direction of the wind. This is only needed for single stem trees. The stake is not needed for “feathered” (multiple-stem) trees or shrubs.

4. Put the grass sod upside down, back into the bottom of the hole.

Make sure the sod is loose enough to give the roots room to take hold.

5. Place the tree root into the hole.

Use a knife to cut off any root-netting and make sure not to plant too deep.

6. Put half to three quarters of the loose soil back into the hole.

Hold the tree upright, parallel and close to the stake. Make sure to remove any big stones from the soil.

7. Tie the tree to the stake with a tree-tie, using a figure-of-eight.  

The tie must be high enough, and close enough to the stem, to let the tree move freely in the wind and the roots to settle in, without the stem breaking. Where needed, screw the tree-tie to the stake at the correct height, to stop it slipping down.

8. Scoop the rest of the soil loosely into the hole from the plastic covering. 


9. Spread a layer of soil conditioner onto the soil around the base of the tree.

Pat down the soil to make it slightly more compact.


10. Wrap a rabbit-guard around the base and water the soil around the base. 

You will need a full watering can per tree.