Planting News

Mayo heritage group to plant 300 Native trees

We are pleased to be working with ‘Growing Louisburgh’ a heritage group based in County Mayo. They have currently pledged to plant 300 native trees and we will be posting photos of their progress over the next few months as the trees are being cared for. Here is a word from Mary O’Malley, who heads up the group.

‚ÄúGrowing Louisburgh is a movement of almost 50 individuals in our community¬†who meet to share ideas, seeds, plants and produce. We encourage each other to live and grow sustainably¬†using¬†traditional methods¬†and with the Care for the environment¬†to the forefront. We have taken on the challenge¬†of planting Native trees in our community, while we do not have a central location we are all taking it upon ourselves to plant at least 2 native plants at our homes. In total we will plant 300 native trees in our area. We have teamed up with the local National School at Killeen and will be providing some on site workshops for the students in October. We are delighted to be participating in the wonderful initiative¬†–¬† Bugs Bees and Native Trees- and to be part of the country wide challenge.¬†¬†¬†¬†Mary O‚ÄôMalley, Killeen, Louisburgh, Co Mayo‚ÄĚ

Good luck to the trees planted in Killeen!
We will check in on these trees in a few months!