Our Projects

This map keeps track of all the plantings around the island of Ireland! Green trees mark our completed projects. Red trees denote all the planting we are working with our school and other partners for our big planting push on the weekend of 12th – 14th November!

Completed Project Registration

Please register your completed Project by Typing in your preassigned PROJECT NUMBER

    Please, check that the details below, match with your own project. If they do not, please check that you inserted the correct project number code. If you are still experiencing problems, then please contact us at info@bugsbeesandnativetrees.com.
    If your project below is correct, please provide us with details on your completed planting. Following completion of the information below, we’ll send an email to your original registration email address. Your planted trees will be added to our all Island tree count and we will change your RED TREE ICON to a GREEN TREE ICON on our map. We will also attach the details of your completed project to your new GREEN TREE ICON.

    We have run numerous planting days at various locations around the country and will continue to do so! All of our tree plantations are marked with our beautiful BB&NT stake which can be seen below.